Quick Turn Prototypes

You need it fast and cannot allow for delays?
Contact Unitek for your Quick Turn Prototype.  

We understand the need for quick turn prototypes and know how to make it happen.  We have fast track processes for everything related to quick turns.

When it comes to quick turn quotations, materials sourcing and assembly, Unitek is a leader.

  1. We do quantities from 1 and up in as fast as 24hrs or less.
  2. Need a range of options.
    No problem, let us know. E.g. Qty 1, 5 & 10 all due in 24, 48 and 72 hrs.
  3. Have a special request? e.g. Need it while you wait or over the Holiday weekend?
    1. We offer unparalleled flexibility combined with a strong desire to help our customers succeed.
  4. You can consign the PCB and materials, have Unitek take care of it 100% or somewhere in the middle.
    Either way, we’ll do what’s best for you!
  5. We will ship as committed, guaranteed.