PCB Assembly

Unitek has been doing PCB assembly since its inception in 1989.

We have the equipment and talent to handle the latest technologies that our partners may require and  our staff is trained and certified to the latest quality standards.  

In addition, every PCBA is inspected 100% to ensure we are shipping the best product possible.

PCB Assembly Capabilities Outline:

  • Three SMT Lines 
  • SMT, PTH and Mixed Technology experts
  • Capable of placing:
    • High Density BGAs
    • Fine Pitch QFPs
    • uBGA
    • LGAs
    • CSPs
    • QFNs
    • 01005’s
  • Separate RoHS Compliant & Legacy Tin/Lead processes
  • Aqueous Wash (DI) and No Clean Processes
  • In House BGA rework including reballing
  • X-Ray inspection used to validate all hidden solder joints
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) to validate everything is where it should be
  • Test & Debug